From tapas to haute cuisine

bufetDo you want to offer your guests tapas at the beach, a giant paella or a Mallorcan barbecue? Or do you prefer haute cuisine? With our vast network of excellent partners, we are able to offer you a wide selection of catering options that will meet your every need. No matter where you want to eat or party – we will make it possible! 

Flamenco or Mozart?

bufetCool blues, yearning soul, Spanish flamenco, 80s pop, hip-moving rock or a classical string quartet accompanied by an opera singer – regardless of your taste in music, we have the musicians to match your event. All our musicians are professional artists. We design your music program so it enriches your event without hindering communication. 

Yachts for every occasion

If you want to treat your guests to a very special adventure, a yacht trip is what you are looking for. You can anchor in turquoise waters and jump in for a snorkeling excursion while the crew prepares your favorite cocktails and lunch.

Shuttle service and special vehicles

heliMallorca Incentives has a large bus fleet for groups of all sizes. In addition, we can provide you with limousines, jeeps, vintage cars and even helicopters. Offer your guests a joyride in a convertible along the steep coast in the island’s northwest – they will want to return!